Passage reading for Comprehension

Sadori was once an unfortunate child. Her father died in a road accident when she lived on milk from her mother’s breasts. She suffered another terrible below when her mother died in childbed with and unborn baby in her womb. Sadori was orphaned when she was five years old. She had two brothers and two sisters. She was the youngest of them all. All being orphans and poor they couldn’t look after her properly. All villagers felt for them all. Sadori grew up in hard times. Her elder brother was the only bread earner. He would earn only as much as they all could live on. They could hardly have a square meal. Their maternal uncles and paternal uncles were also poor, they were hand to mouth. After she grew young Sadori lived a simple life as ever but entertained great ideas and high hopes. She came to know about importance of education. Therefore, she wanted to get education to be a useful member of society. Fortune smiled on her.

There lived a rich man in the village where Sadori was born and brought up. He came to know of her keen interest for education and poverty. He was a philanthropist as well. He supported Sadori financially, morally, and took personal interest in getting her higher education in the English language and literature. She worked very had. Now she works as a professor of English, gets a lucrative salary and lives an enviable life. She helps the poor and the needy and teaches girls and boys of her village free and the needy and teaches girls and boys of her village free of tuition gee in her spare time. She feels highly obliged to her benefactor who helped her in distress and enabled her to be what she now is.

MCQs (Category wise)