Read the following passage and answer the questions set below it, keeping in view the contextual meanings of words used in the passage:

Long ago, there were some wandering entertainers in Pakistan such as monkey men, bear men, jugglers, magicians, snake charmers, and acrobats. They would go to public places, lane to lane, village to village, town to town and ground to ground for making their living. Monkey man would play on a tambourline and make his monkey dance. The monkey being a trained animal would make faces at by standers, frolic, imitate a furious husband and pick up coins thrown by standers from the ground. Some children would follow him for fun. The bear man would walk his bear through the lanes and make it dance at the tune of tambourline. In this way both the monkey man and bear man would make their living. The jugglers would juggle with things. He would throw a set of three or four objects such as balls into the air and catch them and throw them again quickly one at a time. The magician would make magic tricks. Children and the youth would take keen interest in his magic tricks and enjoy themselves very much. The acrobat would show feats of his strength, entertain the youth and the old people alike and make his living. He would perform difficult acts such as balancing on high ropes. Snake charmers would play on pipes and make cobras dance at their tunes. Once often seen such wandering entertainers across the country are now not much seen there. Their live performances in the open air, at schools and colleges and in lanes are now few and far between.

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